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Monday, January 10, 2011

Princess For A Day (Or A Weekend!)

Saturday was my 32nd birthday and it was an excellent day!  I spent the weekend with my family.  We went to Paul's Porterhouse in Dallas, a restaurant that holds sentimental value for sure.  My husband took me there on a date when we very first met.  And we celebrated our engagement at Paul's Porterhouse nearly 13 years ago.  Now, it's where I spent my 32nd birthday with my family, my husband and my long lost best friend whom I reconnected with on Facebook.  Got to love the technology these days!  I had so much fun catching up with my best friend, whom I haven't seen or spoken with in several years.  We all shared a couple of bottles of amazing red wine, enjoyed some filet mignons, t-bones and prime rib eye, followed by the best desserts of lemon cheesecake and homemade cinnamon ice cream with carmalized bananas.

Above is a pic of my birthday cake. :)  It was fudgey and decadent!  

Sunday morning, my mom made a huge breakfast of my childhood favorites, homemade biscuits and sausage gravy, bacon and scrambled eggs....my absolute favorite breakfast!  :)  And well, since we didn't get to see each other for Christmas we exchanged presents after breakfast, it was so much fun. My birthday weekend was topped by the most incredible sight of a snowy drive home.  Yes, snow in Texas!  I am truly blessed.